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Discount card System

Discount card System

In order to provide the service of the discount cards within the processing system, JSC Georgian Card has created the software that enables to accomplish a variety of actions. The purpose of the Loyalty Management System is to produce the discount cards for any segments of the market, providing the customers with the pre-defined discounts in various trade institutions.

According to the Client’s request, JSC Georgian Card produces the plastic cards, which are then distributed to the cardholders. The customers can use the said cards within any of the objects that meet the following conditions:

  • They have negotiated the usage of these discount cards with the Client,
  • Respective discount rates are defined and recorded in the system/software.

Discounts are processed by means of the POS terminals. Upon the card handling, the device sends information to the system/software, which returns the discounted amount. After receiving information form the system, the existing intermediary application directs the data to the LMS software, which in turn processes the required calculations and returns the answer through the same intermediary. The software is equipped with many features. It enables the administration of the customers, ordering of the cards, preview/review of the discount operations, discharge of the discounts and etc.

Within the merchant (retailer or service provider) section, the discounts can be registered with the different parameters:

  • At the particular terminal/At all the terminals
  • Defined by indication of the dates Start/End
  • By hours
  • By weekdays
  • By amount
  • The Payment card with ISO 8583 standard magstripe and technical features of the Card;
  • Client verification regimes of the Card (e.g. PIN request) are disabled;
  • The Cards are produced in advance, in the no-name regime and delivered to the Company as a set;
  • The Cards are produced according to the design desired by the Client and the company’s logo is placed on the cards;
  • The Cards are personalized by means of the unique 9-digit BIN codes for non-financial card products, assigned to the Company within the framework of the “Georgian card” system;
  • Terms of the Card Personalization are negotiable, determined by the preliminary agreement with the Company, and it’s possible to terminate the said terms prior to its expiry.